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I was diagnosed on Feb. 9th, 2011, the worst day of my life!!! I had a bi lateral mastectomy on St. Patty's Day, and it was a very lucky day for me!!! It turned out to be a small and grade 2 cancer, and there was no lymph node involvement. I didn't even have to do chemo, radiation, or hormone therapy!! I'm one of the lucky ones for sure!! Weird to say i'm lucky to have cancer, but I have met the most amazing people throughout my journey, and i've also learned alot about my family and friends along the way. Not all good, but true colors of people came shining thru!! My body will never be the same, or my spirit, but i'm learning to love the new me!! I have the deepest respect and gratitude for every "pink lady" out there. I'm getting thru this because of each and every one of you!! Day in and day out, you are all my heroes! I want to give back as much as i can! I have 3 daughters that i want to give everything in the world to, except CANCER, so i did the genetic testing, and i do not carry the gene, thank God for that!! It's been 4 weeks today and every day is a struggle, but i want to win this battle! I hate cancer enough for all of us!! It's a thief that doesn't steal material things, it steals everything about your life that was normal. But we will endure my friends!! I'm going to start doing breast cancer fund raisers with my brother to make a difference. I would love to answer questions for anyone that i can help, so feel free to contact me!! I'm in the process of reconstruction, which isn't fun, but i need to feel whole again, so i can, and will do it!! Thank you for sharing your feelings, experiences and lives with me. You pink ladies ROCK!!!! God bless all of you!! Let's just do it, and kick cancers butt!!!! Hugs n strength, Sandy

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