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During a routine physical, the internest noticed what he felt was a abnormal breast exam. I did not feel anything abnormal. He ordered a diagnostic. I let this go a couple of months when I found a much larger lump (swollen lymph) under my arm. I went in for a mamogram and the clerk said you need a diagnostic, lucky for you the doc is in today. Maybe we have time to squeeze you in. Days later, I went in for a biopsy and was diagnosed. It was stage 2 b. I had chemo (A/C and Taxol Herceptin) first and then surgery where they removed one breast and 18 lymphnodes. I then had 28 treatments of radiation. The my cancer doctor was recommending lumpectomy because he endorsed breast preservation. My surgeon said if you were my sister I would recommend a radical masectomy. I still have one breast, and since I have insurance, I am thinking about a simple masectomy on my breast and reconstruction on the other. I am doing well taking tamoxifin. I enjoy hearing every one elses stories on this site.

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