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San Ramon, CA
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I am a 48 year old woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer on April 30, 2012. I had a lumpectomy on 4/23/12 and discovered I had 5 large tumors in my breast. (Pet Scan) DCIS and Invasive Cancer. My pet scan showed 3 lymph nodes which indicated cancer. I had twelve weeks of chemo, then had my bilateral mastectomy on 9/26/12. I have not gotten my pathology report as of yet. Expect it on November 1, when we plan for more chemo. I do know I do not have cancer in my lymph nodes, but that is it. I had reconstruction done at the same time. My drains have taken just shy of 4 weeks to be removed, should be 10/23/12. My port will be replaced in a few weeks prior to more chemo as it leaked the entire first 12 weeks of treatment. Stage unknown at this time.

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