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Rita Jo Hayes

Sobrevivente desde 2009

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Keosauqua, Iowa
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My journey began October 1, 2009. I had a needle biopsy of the right breast. Biopsy came back an approx. 2-4cm tumor of the right breast: Moderately Differentiated
Grade II Infiltration Ductal Carcinoma pr+ er+ her2 triple+ breast cancer. There were also several "lesions" showing up in my lungs, but were to small to do a biopsy.
I was scheduled to have a power port placed outpatient procedure. I was admitted to hosp. due to reaction to morphine during recovery from port. surg. The next day I was scheduled for my first chemo treatment.
I completed 18 treatments of the following chemo Carboplain Taxotere Trastuzumab Herceptin from 10-09 to 2-10. 3-15-10 I under went a double masectomy (per my choice). A 2.2cm tumor was removed with 12 lymph nodes clear.I completed 6 of 8 treatments of herceptin following the masectomy 5-10 to 10-10. I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy from the herceptin 10-10 and was not able to finish my last 2 treatments. I asked doc to let me finish them, as I felt I was "doomed" if I didn't finish the regimine we had planned. Doc would not let me have them as there was already too much damage to the heart. I did not have to under go radiation as the lymph nodes were clear. At this point the several "lesions" in the lungs had disappeared.
From 10-10 on I started on Femera hormone therapy and monthly follow ups. This is where the "real" fun began. The hot flashes were intense to say the least. As 2011 came around I graduated from monthly to every 3 month follow ups.
Around November of 2011 the lung "lesions" returned. We monitored them until they began to progress in 2-12. I was changed to Aromasin hormone therapy as the Femara had stopped helping.
6-26-12 I underwent a Lung Biopsy which was positive for the same kind of breast cancer mastasis to the lungs. I will continue on the hormone therapy until it no longer works. Eventually I will return to the chemo treatment.
9-12 I had to begin chemo therapy again, as the hormone therapy is no longer keeping the lesions in my lungs from growing. Am currently on Tykerb and Xeloda.
10-12 developed a blood clot in R leg, will now be on lovenox blood thinner shot daily. I go in December to get my 3 month CT to see if the chemo is working.
I am currently (11-21-12) healthy as can be expected, happy and feel good.
My motto is "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that is why it is called the present". Good Luck to All.

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