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My mother is having a double mastectomy. Post surgery, what are the advantages of her doing genetic testing? Thanks!

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    Hi Megan genetic testing for the BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 are used post surgery as a further test to determine the treatment course. A positive result tells you that you carry the breast cancer gene the doctor might want to be more aggressive with her treatment and maybe suggesting removal of her ovaries. A positive results will also help the family members male and female siblings and children get better monitoring and screening like earlier mammograms then age 50 or blood test and ultra sounds to screen for ovarian, prostrate and testicular cancers A negative results says that one doesn't carry the breast cancer gene but they are only testing two genes there maybe more that they are unable to test at this time. A positive or negative result does not mean you will or will not get cancer. It is just saying the gene is or is not present.
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    There are laws out there to protect you after positive gene testing. If you are having problems contact civil right lawyers in your state. You can google there. Site and in Hawaii there is a link for free help
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    I had the BRCA testing 2 years ago after my surgery. Now my daughter and nieces are having trouble being carried by health insurance for "per-existing condition" be sure to consult this concern with her oncologist.
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