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I just need to know anything possible about breast cancer as long as it os appropriate

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Aprendendo sobre o câncer de mama quase 6 years
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    Go to the learn section of this site it is very informatative.
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    乳癌幸存者从 2014
    Cancer ... And how and what people do is different for everyone .....for me .....first all the tests to find out if it was cancer and then surgery and the healing took a few weeks ... Then chemo starts and for me I was very sick for months , hair loss and weight gain feeling sick everyday .... Then I started radiation which I went to every day for 25 times and I look like I got really bad sunburn !! .....so since August last year I lost both my breasts and my hair and put of lots fluid weight .... But I feel like the same person inside , that I was before I found the cancer even though the outside has changed !! I do have some sad moments But I always think their is someone worst off than me !!! I hope this is ok for for school project !!!
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Thank you
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    Yes its great! Can i ask you, where you healed
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