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What is stage 2B breast cancer including lymph node ducts?

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Aprendendo sobre o câncer de mama aproximadamente 8 anos
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    Cyndi this site has an excellent explanation of the various stages under the learn category. If you still have questions regarding your stage your oncologist
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    Sorry I accidently hit the done key before finishing. But I was going to say ask your oncologist to explain in more details so that you are very clear on your stage.
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    I had Stage 2B with lymph nodes involved. My breast surgeon said I could now say I am in remission or that there is no evidence of cancer in me at this time. However, she said with invasive lobular breast cancer, which she removed, you never know if it's going to come back. I had asked her if I could say "I beat it," because I wanted to be able to say that. She replied with the statement above. She said they were going to watch me like a hawk. I silently thought to myself that they had "watched me like a hawk" since I was 23, when my mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Her mother had died from it. My mother had another breast cancer outbreak 15 years later in the other breast. Different type of breast cancer. Not a recurrence. So despite their careful monitoring, I still slipped through the cracks and developed it while I was waiting to have my annual mammogram. My radiologist had just put me on annual mammos instead of every 6 months, because I had been clear for so long (I was 60). Kind of ironic, wouldn't you say?
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