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Does "ones" libdo ever come back after Breast Cancer and Ovaries removed?

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    The cancer diagnosis, surgeries, chemo, and radiation ravage intimacy, but you will recover that gift. Be patient with yourself and allow time to heal both body and mind. I want lie to you, you have to work at it but that is true of all relationships in good times and bad. Breastcancer.org has a great link on sex and intimacy. Stay in touch, don't despair, and treat yourself kindly. Cyber hugs to you. :-)
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  • André Roberts Profile
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    After reading Sharon & Jo's reply, I guess I am very fortunate. During chemo I was very dry, irritated & tired, but my husband & I still had sex. Now, 4 months post chemo (on herceptin & tomoxifin) He does always initiate but I always reciprocate. We had a very strong sex life before cancer - we had only been married 6 months - & knowing he still wants me & thinks I'm sexy is a turn on for me. He's really good taking the care I need - if I need more 'attention' to get in 'the mood' & the use of lotions. Being open with each other has helped. I hope things work out for you. Prayers to you.
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    Libido? What Libido? I have had to shut down any kind of feelings as intimacy to me only means excruciating pain no matter what kind of lotion or potion we have tried to use. I am angry at breast cancer and accompanying drugs have robbed me of the last vestiges of being a woman. I still have all my girl parts... Sharon
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