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I just turned 39 having be back from vacation a day. I found a small lump on my left breast it didn't hurt at first but after examining it started hurting and I felt my breast get a little swollen. So I go see a doctor she does a breast exam and gives me a referral for a ultrasound. So I go for the ultrasound the next day. When the radiologist was doing my left he was pressing so hard it hurt so bad. I was thinking to my self should this be hurting so much. It was all over he we're done took his gloves off and told me to get dressed and that was it. So I went to the nurse and her if she could tell when they would be getting back to me all she told me was if there's something wrong they'll call u. That was this Friday that just passed. I so scared and have been crying since I found the lump. I don't know how long an ultrasound takes does anyone know?

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