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Stage 1 , grade 1 tubular carcinoma found on routine mamo. Lumpectomy on 5/3/2013 1.1 cm. getting ready for radiation (34) then tamoxifen. Surgery was very easy clear margins and no lymph node involvement . Oncodx score was 22 but lucky no chemo. Right now the rest of this treatment seems harder than the beginning but hopefully will get easier in time. My drs tell tell me if am lucky and they are more worried about future then present. No family history and just turned 56 prior to dx. My doc tells me I am just that 1 in 8 women that got BC for no reason. Sometimes I feel it was a bad April fools joke was the day I got bad news !!! Only missed 2 days of work and have a great support group of friends that keep me busy every weekend when I am not working. My son is grown and will be 26 yrs next month.

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