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What are the positive or negative effects of Tamoxifen? Has anybody tried Evista?

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    Hi, Personally, no; however, when I googled that medication name, I came across this http://injury.findlaw.com/evista/evista-overview.html
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      Positive is it blocks estrogen~ Negative is moderate to severe hot flashes. In my opinion, the good outweighs the bad.

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    I am taking Tamoxifen now. I do have hot flashes which I understand decrease in 3-6 months. You are also at risk for uterine cancer which is easily treated but you need to call your doctor immediately if you experience spotting. It also helps with osteoporosis, but the best news is, it decreases your chance of a new cancer in your breast! Evista is a cousin to Tamoxifen but I have not taken that. I hope this helps.
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