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When will hair grow back after treatment?

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  • Diana Foster Payne Profile
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    Hi Brett I just finished my chemo last month. I had 4 rounds of Adriamiacin/Cytoxin followed by 4 dose dense rounds of Taxol. My hair started growing back around my last chemo treatment. It's about an inch long now. :)
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      Not during the Taxol? My dr said with the 12 wk Taxol it will start to come back

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  • Adrienne private Profile
    Stage 3C Patient
    I finished chemo middle of June. I did 12 weekly Taxol chemos and 3 Taxetere doses. My hair started coming back about a month after chemo ended, like fuzz. I also got white long hairs, double the length of my others, but those fell out! Several other women got those white hairs too, even on face, but they fall out, so no need to freak. My hair is now about half an inch, thicker on top, thinner in back. The rest of body hair all grew back too, and I am shaving again. My eyebrows are about 2/3rds back. My eyelashes started coming back in September. I lost eyelashes even after chemo ended.
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  • Ali S Profile
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    I'm 3 weeks our of chemo and i have a lotta fuzz. After 4 rounds of AC I had 4 of taxol and it started growing back during taxol. I met someone a month ahead of me and hers was about a cm long, but all over, mine is still really thin.
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    • Ali S Profile
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      Growing a little more now!! My eyelashes are half way in ...I didn't lose them until the end if chemo.

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